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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Christmas Tree Project with Old frames and trim

As you know if you follow my blog, I don't currently put up a traditional Christmas tree. Every year for the past 4 or 5 years, I've put up an alternative to a traditional tree.


This year I was inspired by a pin from Lucy Designs.  She took trim molding and old frames and makes some fabulous all white trees that have been featured in magazines.

I was inspired by her designs and a pile of old frames to do a similar project for myself.


First I gathered and took apart various old frames I had from past projects.  I look for  old frames at garage sales and scoop them up when they are a good price.  I laid them out in my barn until I had the basic design I was looking for. I was going to use frames for the base, but later changed my mind. I used an old ornate hinge for the topper.

Next I pulled out some scrap wood and my screw driver and began drilling from the back to secure the wood in place. This took awhile to get it all just right.  In the end the back looked like this. No pretty but strong.

 And there you have it.  My version of this project involved some moderate woodworking skills. I did use my miter saw on a few pieces and the drill as well.  but if you had enough frames you probably would not need the miter saw.

I like the variation of colors, and in person you can see the dimension that the old and sometimes shabby frames give it. Watch in the next few days for some more  Christmas projects, past and present.

I probably won't use this as my substitute tree this year, but It's a fun decoration item. Right now it's on my porch, until I'm ready to start really decorating for Christmas. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Portland and the Junk Bonanza

In April my youngest Son and his wife moved to Vancouver WA. We were sorry to see them move so far away but are happy for their success.  So when Ki announced her Portland Junk Bonanza I knew it was a good excuse to go see my kids.


 We arrived a day before the show so I spent Thursday with my Husband shopping in local towns, using Ki's suggested shopping list found here

Thanks for the tips Ki, these were all great shops. Warning though, the prices around Portland are not the bes, but with a little hunting you can find a bargain.

And lots of unique stuff
Then I headed to the bonanza venue to take a sneak peak at set up. NO buying allowed.

As usual these dealers did not disapoint with their items and displays.

Time for opening day and Early Bird Shopping
Ki poses with some early birds in line
Uber Chic Brought goods all the way from LA and when Last I saw, they were almost sold out.

Loved this truck
Great displays everywhere you turn
And this Harp Box was to die for

More of my shopping around Vancouver and Portland in the next post.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shop the Look-Urban Architect

Back in the days of pen and ink instead of computers
 and keyboards,
 the Architect's days were long and tiring. These 
artist of brick and 
mortar built our country with templates and tools
 that would be a mystery
 to today's architects.

The tools may be obsolete in their original purpose,
 but they are works of 
art themselves.  The feel of aged wood, metal,
 and primitive line drawings
 translates well into today's modern 
vintage style. 
 You can shop this look 
in my Etsy shop and others.

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