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Monday, April 13, 2015

Mid Century Desk Update and makeover


 I've been looking for a smaller mid century desk for awhile now, and I had some ideas of what I wanted to do with it.

 When I spotted this one I knew it would work, but...
 It had a few problems, and needed a complete makeover.

 First I had to sand the top, and glue the veneer back down. This desk was not top quality even when it was new.  So it was gonna need a special touch.

 Sanding, spray paint and glue would be needed in abundance, as well as what ended up being a complete dis-assembly.
Anything and everything is a work surface in my workshop.

Once I removed the "gold tape" from the spindles and sanded them down a bit they only needed a couple of coats of spray paint to bring them back from ugliness.

I wanted to give the legs a "dipped look" which you'll see all over pinterest.  

 I knew I wanted the drawer red, but beyond that I really had no clue about colros. I used pinterest as my guide and came up with white as my accent color and it worked great. 

Only a little color in a few places was all that was needed to give it some pop, and the rest was left brown or painted brown. The top was in such bad shape, once sanded I just painted it brown.

I found this piece of fabric in my stash and it's perfect for lining the drawer. Gotta have some Orla Kiely in there somewhere :)

I'm really please with how it turned out and plan to put it to good use.  I'm always amazed by what a little spray paint will do.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Barkcloth projects

 I love vintage Barkcloth and I especially love the retro designs.

 Used mostly for curtains, you can still find large panels of barkcloth at estate sales and antique stores. I recently picked up 3 nice sized panels and began looking for projects for this lovely pattern.  Here are a few, common and unusual projects I tried, or found on line.

 Dress up an old dress form, with some groovy barkcloth scraps.

Laminate   an old school chair that has seen better days. 
See before and after photos at the end of this post.

Use mod podge to decoupage some old trays. For instructions look here.


My friend Karla makes some fun Flea Market Aprons out of vintage fabrics, including barkcloth. You can view her store here.

 found on Etsy are some amazing and beautiful pillows and pillow covers.

And a lot of totes and bags using old barkcloth. See more here

I saw this pillow in Minnesota at Hunt & Gather.

Of course you can always make curtains, cover chairs etc.

 So keep your eye out for this nubby fabric with fun designs for your next project. And if the price is good, don't hesitate to purchase.

Chair Project

This old chair was in poor shape. first I used wood glue to secure the layers of plywood as much as possible.
I sprayed it with spray adhesive, pressed the fabric down. Painted with several layers of Mod Podge, Using the same technique I use with my trays. See details here

Friday, March 27, 2015

A new use for Printers Type Drawers

I recently moved my guest room to an upstairs space and was having such a hard time deciding what to do over the bed.


I like the industrial look for this area, but also with a bit of a retro flavor. The opposite wall is covered with old survey maps and so I thought I'd go with a survey theme and tried the idea below. 
But I just was not feeling it.

 So I just popped a map up there and decided to wait until inspiration hit as to what to do for a head board etc.
 While watching the tonight show the other night, it hit me!

See that wall detail, what does it remind you of???

It reminded me of Printer's type drawers. So off to my barn I went, at 10:30 at night, grabbed the 3 drawers I had in my stash, and made me a headboard. 
Industrial, without being too cottage-y. And the surveyor poles are moved to the side, I'm gonna call it done.
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